What We Provide


Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day. At snack time in the morning and afternoon, children have a choice between water and semi-skimmed milk (provided through the national nursery milk scheme). Water is available with lunch.


We provide a healthy snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The snack will be a combination of fruit, salad vegetables, sometimes a yoghurt or some cheese, crackers or breadsticks. Snack is provided for free.

All allergy and medical dietary requirements can be catered for but you must provide us with specific details. Cultural and religious dietary requirements can be discussed; we may need your guidance on these but we have supported a wide variety of children with different needs including; vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher.


For any child who is with us for the lunchtime session, we ask you to provide a packed lunch that adheres to our ‘Healthy Lunchbox’ policy which you can find on our ‘Policies’ page.

What your child will need to bring with them each day

  • Nappies and wipes (if required).
  • At least one set of named spare clothing – despite us ensuring they are wearing protective clothing if appropriate, children have an uncanny knack of still managing to get their clothes dirty and / or wet! This should include a spare pair of shoes (cheap plimsolls are perfect) as when still getting the hang of using the toilet, shoes often end up wet.
  • A named hat in hot weather. They should also come to pre-school with sun cream already applied if it is needed, but for children coming for the full day, we are happy to reapply at lunchtime if you put a bottle of named sun cream in the allocated tray.
  • Any medicines / inhalers that they require. Please ask your doctor for a second inhaler to leave here. These will need to be handed to us and a health management plan completed.The details of how we manage medicines are included on this. Our policy is to only administer medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor.
  • Please do not let your child bring in toys from home. If your child needs a ‘comforter’ please let us know, we can then help ease the transition after they have settled.
  • After settling, dummies are not used in the setting due to the limit this places on language development. If you need help with the transition away from using a dummy, please talk to us.
  • Your child will not need a drinks bottle as drinks are provided.