The Burrow

Our pre-school provision is based in The Burrow which provides a wide range of experiences and learning opportunities. We also use The Camp, The Garden and The Snug areas. These promote the development of the skills, understanding and characteristics that help children when they move on to school.

The pre-school is organised into environmental areas each with their own identity – which provide breadth to the children’s experiences. There are always rich opportunities for creative development; experiences in construction and narrative play; interactive spaces for children to explore their imaginations; and places to be that enable children to develop confidence in moving freely.

As the year progresses, different skills such as emergent writing develop alongside the core experiences. This helps children to use their imagination to explore the meaning of marks around them. In each area we also encourage time for reflection. Our routines for snack time, story-time and responding to rules supports children in understanding the key skills needed to be ‘ready’ for school. Children play in groups of up to eight with an adult in line with statutory guidance which enables collaborative and co-operative learning and play to develop. This also allows children to begin to learn about using others to enhance their play and resolving conflict.

Our environment is bespoke and has been developed and built to meet the needs and interests of the children at Adventure. It really is a unique experience. Throughout these areas our focus remains on social learning, critical thinking, independence and self-motivation.