The Beehive

Our ‘Beehive’ has been created to provide a developmental programme that meets the needs of our ‘nearly threes to young threes’. It works with children’s natural inquisitiveness and provides a safe space for children to develop their sense of self and curiosity. Our focus in the Beehive is on playing and exploring, developing independence and self-motivation and developing self-regulation skills. Children are offered a range of experiences and supported to make independent choices about where they play.

Children in the Beehive are supported by a team who focus on developing their play alongside ensuring their individual care needs are met. They play in a group of up to 12 with mostly two adults. They have their own indoor play space and an attached garden to explore.

The Beehive is named to reflect the nature of younger children. In her book ‘Bee’s not Butterflies’ Sally Featherstone suggests that young children’s play is similar, at a quick glance, to the movement of butterflies – they flit around landing and moving on quickly. She feels that in reality – when seen from the child’s perspective – their play is better described by the movement of a bees; focused and single-minded.