Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for your child and for you. We pride ourselves on the quality of our interactions with your child and the quality of our interactions with you also.


The team works incredibly hard to create an environment that provokes children’s thinking, curiosity, awe and wonder.

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience in childcare and education settings and is highly qualified. We are committed to the professional development of the team and draw on a range of early years approaches and philosophies in order to create a unique environment and approach that meets the changing needs of the children.

The management team of Dom, Lyndsay, Felicity and Claire strive to ensure that the setting runs smoothly and have an overview ‘key person’ role of the whole cohort. This ensures that the team can spend their time, energy and passion forming attachments and meeting the daily needs of all of the children. Their is also a named key carer for your child who will be responsible for liaising with you and ensuring your child’s care and play needs are met each session.

Adventure Pre-School is run by Adventure Childcare Ltd, a company set up by Dom and Fiona Haydn-Davies, in 2012. Their experience of working across education with a focus on early development, physical development and special educational needs has driven the direction of the company and shaped the pre-school.