Our Families

We want to work with you to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for your child, and for you. We aim to be clear in our policies and to communicate effectively with you from your application onwards.

Establishing a bond with you and your child is incredibly important to us as it helps us to do our job better. Once we know how you child settles, is comforted, responds to challenges and seeks enjoyment we can better meet their needs. You hold all this information as you know your child best. We allocated a key person to you and your child to help establish this relationship. They liaise with you and the team of key carers working with your child to ensure that your child has the best possible experience with us.

The team of practitioners working with your child tailor their care, support and learning to ensure progress can be made. We love to talk with you about this whenever you drop off or collect your child although this can be a busy time for everyone! We provide you with a daily post on the famly app that sets out something interesting the children did during their time with us. We also provide termly reports and opportunities for you to feed into these. We are also developing the use of an online system (Famly) that will help us to keep you up to date; share photos and news about your child; and help you feel confident that you know how your child is doing. This includes photographs and observations every three weeks.