Georgie’s Den

Georgie’s Den is a space for our tiny twos as they start their Adventure with us. The space helps children who need a bit more nurture or who get overwhelmed to settle within a large pre-school. There they will have their needs met as they play and develop. It is staffed at a 1:4 ratio regardless of children’ ages to ensure safety and targeted support.

The space is dedicated to the memory of Georgie, who was an incredibly special little girl who we had the absolute pleasure of looking after. Georgie was a ray of sunshine in our afternoons. She sadly and suddenly died in her sleep in November 2017 – something she was at increased risk from due to her medical condition (Dravet Syndrome).

The space was originally developed to help Georgie, and other children like her, to play with freedom whilst having their needs met. It has been expanded and developed further in her memory as she continues to influence us as we strive to help all children, whatever their needs. The space also allows us to help those who start with us at the age of two to have a calm and secure start before they progress to The Beehive or to The Burrow and The Warren in their year before school.