As the Augusta Park community continues to grow year on year, we have inevitably had an increase in the number of applications received and also a higher than anticipated number of families eligible for the 30-hour offering. With the addition of the YMCA nursery to the estate, we are moving back to our core offering as a sessional pre-school. This means that the majority of children who attend our setting will do so for either 5 mornings or 5 afternoons a week. We do offer around 10 full-time spaces to accommodate families eligible for the 30-hour offer, but priority for these spaces will go to our existing children with any remaining spaces allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis when proof of 30-hour eligibility is supplied. Fees are due for the hours not covered by the 30-hour funding, as a full-time placement is for 33.75 hours. We also offer extended sessions to cover the lunchtime session to a further 12 children. Again, these are allocated to existing children in their pre-school year as a first priority.

We reserve the right to allocate spaces on an individual basis outside our standard admission criteria. This could be to accommodate looked after children; military families; children with additional needs; multiple births or families who receive additional deprivation funding. We may also offer a space to one child over another dependent upon where in the pre-school they would be based e.g. within The Beehive, The Burrow or Georgie’s Den.

We accept registration forms at all times during the year but there is a cut off of the 31st January for us to allocate spaces for the following September. Late applications will be considered in the order they are received. ‘In year’ applications will also be considered in the order received and added to our waiting list for that year if required. Within these categories, we allocate places based on the date we received your child’s Registration Form, oldest first. Once your child has been allocated a place with us, we will endeavour to carry out a home visit before they start.

Spaces for each academic year (September to July) will be allocated on the following basis:

  • Existing children will retain their place
  • Children eligible for 2-year old funding who live on Augusta Park
  • New applicants who will be eligible for 3/4 year EYE funding during the academic year who live on Augusta Park
  • Funded children who live outside of Augusta Park
  • Children who do not fall into any of the above categories (privately funded)

If you wish for your child to start mid-year e.g. a January or April start, please let us know and they will be added to the ‘in year’ waiting list. As we are almost always full from our September intake, this will likely be on a ‘one out, one in’ basis.

Requests for additional hours over the standard 15 will be considered on an individual basis but our priority is to the community and for as many children as possible to be able to access their 15 funded hours.